GunZ! The Duel!

I didn’t want to make a post about this so soon, but I figure I have nothing better to write about right now, so I’m just going to show you guys why it’s cool. Now, I didn’t really want to write about this so soon because most of my eye are ell (IRL) friends pretty much either hate it, or mildly dislike it.

First a little background info. It’s an online third person shooter, in which you can gain levels that let you have access to different weapons/clothing (armor). So, it’s sort of a MMORPGTPS (Massively Multiplayer online role playing game third person shooter) ? I say RPG because you gain levels, and you pretty much have to. Like all MMO’s it has a plot which has no effect to the game play whatsoever, so you don’t need to bother reading it. Being that it’s an online game, it has a few different servers. There are five servers:

(All of these are clickable links)

Korean: You need a Korean Social Security number to play this version. It’s sort of illegal to forge this number.

Japanese (Requires IE): Not sure if there are any requirements for this, but most likely Japan requires you to do some sort of phone activation like most Japanese services that want to keep everyone out.

North American: Every country plays this, but the servers are located in North America (California).

Brazil: Which used to be pay to play.

International: This is pretty much a lost cause, since it is ran by hackers and is still technically in ‘beta’. It’s been in beta for 200 years now. It has very little players compared to the other servers and you shouldn’t even bother playing anymore.

The reasons why I like it:

Melee Weapons:

When you play they game, you’ll notice that there are certain placements for each of your equips. Head armor, body armor, hand armor, etc…  So you’ll see that there is a spot for a melee weapon and two slots for projectile weapons (gunzzz). Most games that have melee weapons usually make you substitute one of your potential gun slots to carry said melee weapon. GunZ lets you constantly have a melee weapon and two guns. The melee weapons you can have are a sword or a dagger. You can block with a sword, but you can’t with a dagger which makes for different animation glitches.


How many shooting games have styles? It’s a weird concept. Like many cool things, it was on accident. The creators of the game, MAIET, did not intend for these styles when they first and so that makes them glitches. The series of glitches are grouped into two styles: Moves you can do with a sword, and moves you can do with a dagger.

K style: The sword series. These moves are based off of animation cancels by adding a slash or a block. Most GunZ players chose to use this style, as it is the easiest to get good with and it’s sort of trendy.

D style: The dagger series. These moves are based off of animation cancels in which timing is a factor. This style is not used by most people because they’re content with k style, but many people learn how to D style after they learn K style. (Note: some D style moves can be done with a sword by means of timing).

Training  mode:

It’s a mode in which you can neither gain or lose experience points. In this mode you can use all of your equipment. Most people use this to talk to people for help or just dicking around. I love to dick around, so you’ll find me in there a bit.

Gladiator mode:

The name of the game is GunZ, yet there is a game mode that prohibits the use of guns. Many people like to use this as a reason why GunZ is bad for some reason. That’s sort of like making angry comments on a movie you didn’t want to see, rather than not seeing the movie. Problems in some places can be avoid it, and if you don’t want to experience them just don’t. I enjoy this mode because gladiator takes a certain level of finesse to be good at.

Quest mode:

It’s basically single player or cooperative GunZ. Sometimes it’s nice to be on a team with your friends and fight the mindless zombies that are A.I. Lots of times when I play coop games with friends, lulz ensue. It’s also a decent source of experience points and can vary by your choice.

Bad qualities:

The Community(sort of):

I play in the North American server, which is played by many different countries of different languages. Often times you’ll be fighting someone a from a non-North American country. This is fine and all, if most of them were not very good at English, just plain mean, or a combination of both. I’ve noticed a trend between the skill level of the person and how nice they are. Note that there are always exceptions to the rule so don’t flame about how cool you are. I’m not saying that anyone that is not from NA is bad, it’s just that I’ve had my fair share of mean people. Which brings me to my next point, EGO. I don’t like this, or people that do this: “OMG I BEET U JAJAJAJ U SUK”


That’s not to say there are only bad people. Most of the (nice) people are really nice and you can find someone that has the same interests as you and be willing to help you improve on something.

I suggest GunZ Factor for a great place with great people. Many people who don’t play GunZ (often) anymore still go there because it’s a cool place to hang.


I play in the NA servers, so that means I’m playing with people from North America,  Australia and basically everyone else in the world. Even though people lag, I don’t really mind because technically it’s fair. We each have the same ping, so the playing ground is equal. My anger comes from people that try to justify that they lag by saying “Distance”. Yes it is distance lag, thanks for letting me know every time someone lags. More than likely I can tell by your dialect, so you don’t even have to try to justify. Also, some people like to use lag to their advantage. This is called lag abuse and is frowned upon by many, especially me.

Holy shit this is a long post. Enjoy a video that gives you an idea about what it’s like.


~ by yoyokirby on March 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “GunZ! The Duel!”

  1. MMORPGRTS? This game is nothing like an RTS though. XD

    One of my friends is (or was, not sure if he’s still playing) really into this game. He was supposed to be really good but I wouldn’t know because I never got too far into it…

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