iPood a shuffle


(Note: image not what Steve Jobs really said)

Steve Jobs what are you doing… Everyone knows what an iPod is and most people have one. iPods range from really fancy to minimalistic. Apple has just released a new iPod Shuffle (The minimal one). Have you seen it yet?

Tech Specs

First thing I’d like to point out is the battery life. You only get 10 hours when fully charged? Why does the Nano get 24 hours when fully charged? Why does the Classic, which takes a lot more power, get 36 hours of battery life?

Is Apple trying to save more money by taking advantage over the common consumer who doesn’t know better? Could be.

Next thing is the size. Damn that’s small. Here are the specs from Apple’s website:

Height: 1.8 inches (45.2 mm)
Width: 0.7 inch (17.5 mm)
Depth: 0.3 inch (7.8 mm) including clip
True volume: 0.26 cu inches (4,326 cu mm)
Weight: 0.38 ounce (10.7 grams)

(From the link posted above)

That’s about the size of a quarter.

We’re gonna keep making things smaller so we forget them in our jeans pocket and throw them in the wash. Now we all should know that Apple products have an history for not having replaceable batteries, and the Shuffle is no exception. You’ll just have to buy another one when yours gets water-logged.

And last but certainly not least… The controls

Hank pissed

Why why why why why? That’s really low Apple… I’ve heard of proprietary parts, but usually those are in instances when they’re not necessary. In order to operate the iPod Shuffle you must have iPod headphones. That’s like saying: “In order to operate this computer, you must have my monitor.” That’s just absurd. First of all, I don’t want to use Apple headphones. I prefer to have noise canceling headphones of sorts.  Could this be an attempt to squeeze more money out of the common consumer? More than likely they will break after a while. So you are going to have to either A.) Not use your iPod and waste your money or B.)Buy new Apple headphones that I’m going to guess are going to be priced at $40 (USD). I only guess that because of the nature of all apple products being expensive; it’s also a main part of this new Apple pmp.

One thing is for sure: I’m not getting it.


~ by yoyokirby on March 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “iPood a shuffle”

  1. You raise excellent points, fine sir. While I really enjoy the fact that the iPods are getting smaller, this is getting to the point where it’s begging to be washed.

    Not only this, but the whole inconvenience within the headphones is definitely a reason to steer clear from this one.

  2. Worst iPod ever.

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