Internet websites unite!


I’m gonna use this post to reveal some of the web services that I use, and some of the other websites that I like to visit. It’s really just to give a little info about what I do, but it’s also an opportunity to show people nice places on the web.

Services I use:

So I have a Disqus account and I’ve been using it for one website and never really bothered messing around with it aside from commenting. I’m assuming lots of you have them, so going to expand my horizons of sorts. Everyone, I request that we be friends. :]


Likewise for Twitter, I haven’t really been using it much, since I have this thing and 140 characters is definitely not enough to articulate my thoughts. So I’ve been meaning to do some sort of informative thing on Twitter, that is why I’m going to post updates on my Twitter page. At least, that’s the plan.


Blawgz (Blogs):

Tofugu is a really cool place! It’s ran by a few people named Koichi, Erin and Viet. Koichi makes youtube videos which are worth watching at least once. His blog covers many different subjects of the Japanese variety. He also teaches Japanese at eduFire, but good luck finding a spot in his classes! He’s insanely popular in the J-blog community, so he is always full to the brim for his classes. He has a few other blogs in Japanese, and the co-authors of the site have their own personal blogs too. You can find the links to those blogs in Tofugu’s website and any info I haven’t covered can be covered in Tofugu, and most likely will be.


Engadget is a phenomenal blog because not only is it a tech blog that was up to date information it has anywhere from 7-20 new posts a day al with loads of information. I’m not writing much about it, because you need to really see it for yourself. It covers like every aspect of technology, and even games if they’re pertinent enough.


Friends Blogs:

royalcrown’s blog is  neat. He talks about music as well as philosophy. He’s pretty much a philosopher, so go check his site out.

PeaceMachine’s blog is nice because he covers a great deal of things. He ranges from artistic writings to cool things that he finds on the web.

Rocky’s Blog is cool. He writes about Japanese music and things that happen to him in chatrooms.


~ by yoyokirby on March 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Internet websites unite!”

  1. How come you don’t use DISQUS for commenting? I’m not even sure if it works for o_O

    You shouldn’t complain about twitter’s 140 character limit. If you want more, I nice alternative is tumblr. Phone updates from Twitter is so useful.

    P.S. I followed you on DISQUS. ;O

    • The thing is, I go to other blogs which require disqus so I use it there. Also has their own little system and I’m too lazy to mess around with it. I’m fairly sure that I can’t change it if I wanted to, unless I get a domain/subdomain and I’m too lazy for that.

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