Some sort of newspaper or something?

The GazettE

If you were to really think that, you would probably know me personally. The GazettE 「ガゼット is a Japanese group that are classified as rock/metal. Granted, most of their songs probably sound as such, but there are some that have a smooth/easy going feel to it. Hell, some of them fuse easy listening to rock, if you can imagine that. Heavy listening?

Their appearance is quite strange because they follow a movement called “Visual Kei” (V-kei for short). For those of you with prior knowledge to Japanese bands, this should not be news to you. For those of you who haven’t, run while you can! Just kidding. Basically a Visual Kei band is a group who dresses up eccentrically. Makeup us usually worn. Sometimes cross-dressing is involved, so don’t be to quick to ogle over those hot ‘chicks’ because chances are they are dudes.

Anyways… They’ve been in the music business since 2003 and are doing a pretty good job at what they do. Honestly though, this is one of my favorite bands from Japan. I like them because the bassist stands out. Reita plays the bass, and when he does, it sounds funky. So, if you will, add that to the mix. You’ve got heavy funky easy listening! It’s an interesting concept.

Reita plays his bass with a pick, and I don’t really like when people do that but in this case I won’t let it bother me. His riffs aren’t super complex, but do take a certain degree of bassmanship to play, and always sound good.

There are two guitarists, Aoi and Uruha. Each of them are both really good at their instruments and complement each other very well. They will sometimes do their own guitar parts in two different channels. Stereo means two channels for those of you who don’t know. So Uruha would be doing his thing in one channel, while Aoi does his thing in the other. Sometimes they will do this, and do a call-and-response.

Kai is one of my favorite Japanese drummers. I’m a drummer and I like to hear good drummers perform. If you’ve ever been there when I was practicing drums, you may have noticed me playing some GazettE. Chances are that you’ve never been there when I was practicing, but I just thought I would throw that in there. His beats are incredibly fun to play, from his simple to complex ones. All in all, a very good drummer.

Ruki is the singer of the band and he has a unique voice that really draws you in. Sometimes unique can be weird, and we can all relate to that for modern bands, but Ruki is an essential part of this band. Also, uniqueness is always a good thing because it’s never boring.

So enjoy this PV (Promotional video) of The GazettE. This is one of my personal favorites!

The GazettE – Sumire


~ by yoyokirby on April 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Some sort of newspaper or something?”

  1. ohhh, nice nice~ If you like this groupd, then I suggest you listen to Gackt, Hyde, or L’Arc~En~Ciel (a group with hyde as the lead singer :O) They’re pretty good :]

  2. I just love this band

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